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Russian Brides Are Better Than American Girls. Don't Waste Time Dating American Roasties

The interest in Russian brides and other foreign brides from Eastern-Europe, has grown tremendously in the past decade. Men are "fed up" with the decadent and self centered actions of western women, especially women from America. American women are some of the most decadent and self-serving females on the planet. They make everything about themselves. They have a very high opinion of themselves, and they set expectations that virtually no man could live up to. Some are open about their selfish ambitions, on the other hand, some pretend to be "Trad" women, and claim to reject Feminist ideology, but in reality, they are no different.

Western women are decadent and extremely superficial. They claim they are wholesome and caring, but it is nothing but lies. They have placed themselves upon the highest pedestal. Their idea of the "perfect man" is basically someone who will agree with everything they have to say. And once their is a minor dis-agreement, they end the relationship and play the victim. "There's Just No Good Men Anymore" they cry. Spending hours on social media, trying to garner sympathy from their followers.

So, it is no surprise that men are looking to Russia and Ukraine for brides. Eastern-European women, are some of the most traditional females in the world. Women who don't just talk about being "Trad", but also live up to their talk. Feminism does not have a strong foot-hold in Eastern-Europe, as it does in the West. There are still plenty of honest and caring women in Russia and Ukraine, who haven't been indoctrinated by feminism.

Russian mail order brides, are the solution to the decadent women of the West. That is why there has been such an increase in foreign marriage. Men are sick of dealing with and wasting their time with selfish western women. What kind of a man, would subject himself to the petty games that western women love to play? Who would want to be in a relationship, where the man has to walk a "tight-rope", and do everything "Perfect", or risk losing his partner?

Russian brides are the most compatible women for the self-respecting man. All it takes to get one, is a little effort! There is no reason to continue to date crazy and self-centered western women. Women who enjoy non-stop drama, and who spend hours on social media sites, complaining about being lonely. It's time for men to break free from the clutches of "Americanized" women, and start interacting with Russian and Ukrainian singles! It's never too late to find true love, you've just been looking in the wrong places, for way too long!

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