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Why are Russian brides so popular? Well, they have all of the qualities that men look for, when choosing a wife. Not only are Russian girls beautiful, they are also very loving and faithful. Russian girls are very traditional. If you are looking for a "trad-wife", then your best bet, is marrying a Russian girl.

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Russian girls are very different from American and European women. They have high moral standards, and reject feminist ideology. Men want a loyal and traditional wife, not an overly-opinionated feminist. Western men have a hard time finding a wife in the west due to these reasons, and that is why they turn to Russia for true love.

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Russian mail order brides, have become the most sought after women. The dating scene in the west, can be a very hostile environment for single men. Western women have a lot of baggage, and are self-centered. They make it nearly impossible for a man to meet their high expectations.

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Un-like their western counterparts, Russian girls don't set such un-realistic standards when choosing a mate. They only want a loving and devoted husband, one who will love them un-conditionally, and be a strong leader. All that they require, is love and faithfulness.

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