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Finding a hot Russian Bride, is easy, but don't fall for "Russian Mail Order Brides Scams". Russian brides scams, are all but a thing of the past, but you still have to use your head! The first thing that comes to many people's minds when they hear, "Russian Brides", is SCAM. Although,, screens all of our Russian brides and Ukrainian Brides, there are still some ill-willed characters who manage to slip past. But don't worry! We take action as soon as one of our members reports a suspicious profile, and if indeed the reported person is trying to take advantage or abusing our online dating platform in any way, they are immediately banned!, takes every precaution and safety measure to insure you have a pleasant experience on our foreign brides site. But we also rely on our members to report potential scammers. Our Russian dating site has many satisfied members, because we keep our site clean and safe. Our members can contact us 24/7 with any questions and concerns, and they will receive a prompt reply and solution.

Beware of Russian brides who are "to good to be true"! Some "bad-actors", will immediately contact you and request that you give them your e-mail address, or to join them on a social media platform. This is an instant Red Flag! Especially if the person hasn't even viewed your dating profile. How could a person, who hasn't even read your profile, and learned what typr of Russian bride you are looking for, be so interested in you? They're not!

Never share your e-mail address with a member who hasn't viewed your profile! You should refrain from giving personal details and your private contact information to members, until you have established a trustworthy relationship! Trust but verify, is key to having a pleasant Russian dating experience.

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The most popular trick involved in Russian Brides scams, is the request for money for a sick relative. A young and attractive Russian girl will contact you, and ask that you send her money for an emergency. Of course, with the promise to repay you, which never happens. Never send money to anyone on our dating site, unless you are 100% certaing that the member is real! The sick realative story is always a scam. Sending money for travel expense is a legitimate request, as long as you have established a high trust relationship with the member. Just remember, Russian brides are real, and many men have found the foreign bride of their dreams, but don't be a sucker! Use common sense, and you will avoid all emotional and financial disasters.

Dating hot Russian girls and finding a beautiful Russian bride is a wonderful adventure, and, makes that dream come true. As stated before,, is a Russian scammer free site. We give you all of the tools and support you need, in order to find true happiness. All it takes is patience and common sense. If someone is "to good to be true", then avoid them and report them! No matter if you are just looking for a friend from Russia to chat with, a Russian girlfriend to take out on dates from time to time, or a Russian bride,, has the perfect Slavic girl for you! We thoroughly screen each one of our female members, to make sure they are real and acting in good faith, so you don't have to! But if a FAKE does happen to slip through, you can rest assured, that they will be removed from our platform for life!

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